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A Conversation with Justice Sotomayor
posted by President Henry on 9/15/2014

On September 11, Oklahoma City University had the opportunity to welcome the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. OCU Law Dean Valerie Couch and I hosted “A Conversation with Justice Sotomayor” and had the chance to ask her questions about current events, and her personal journey to become the first Latina Supreme Court Justice in U.S. history. More than 1,100 students, faculty, staff, media, and alumni attended the event in OCU's Kirkpatrick Auditorium.The Justice was an interesting, engaged, and animated speaker. I hope you will set aside a few minutes to watch this historic OCU event. (I thought she showed her trademark grace and intelligence when answering my question that referenced Jack Nicholson and the movie  “Mars Attacks.” ) The video begins after a question about her family and her Puerto Rican-born parents.

Not So Gently Down the Stream
posted by President Henry on 7/10/2014

Some past and present OCU rowers extraordinaire were kind enough to let me join them in a river adventure. They deserve a medal. Me, not so much! As Jan said when she watched the video below, “Which one is not like the others?”

Convenient Clinic
posted by President Henry on 5/15/2014

Our University Health Clinic is now open to me and everyone in my family (at least, the people members of my family).


Winter gardening: The Discount of Our Winter Tents and This Spud's for You
posted by President Henry on 2/26/2014

The Discount of Our Winter Tents - winter gardening with voice professor Brenda Holloman

This Spud's for You - President plants purple potatoes

Powerful Prose Book Review Series
posted by President Henry on 1/22/2014

As part of the Powerful Prose book review series, I had the opportunity last week to lead a discussion on the republished book "And Satan Came Also." The book was originally written by former OKC city manager and OCU Law School alumnus Albert McRill in 1955.  Historian and author Larry Johnson updated the original book and added some very helpful and interesting annotations.  Full Circle Books recently published the new version. The book provides a look into the somewhat shady side of Oklahoma City's political history.

Thanks to Oklahoma City treasure Full Circle Bookstore for this fantastic series. Our next Powerful Prose event will be in March.  More details to follow!

The Best of 2013 Slide Show
posted by President Henry on 12/31/2013

Great things happened in 2013! Watch our end-of-year slide show.

From Our Home to Yours
posted by President Henry on 12/5/2013
Saluting JFK
posted by President Henry on 11/22/2013

Some personal thoughts on the legacy of JFK. 

The Alma Does Mater
posted by President Henry on 10/30/2013

We had a great time with the Homecoming 2013 opening ceremony and we're just getting started.

Jo Rowan made sure the students are ready with a spirited interpretive dance routine based on the Alma Mater:

See a calendar of Homecoming events here.

Here We Grow Again
posted by President Henry on 8/15/2013

We've been working away in eager anticipation for another school year. Here's a video of some of our preparations and a few of my favorite welcome-back activities: