Academic Affairs  
The Value of an Oklahoma City University Education

Pursuing an education at Oklahoma City University is a total learning experience that liberates the mind, promotes creativity, strengthens talents, and teaches one to lead. It emphasizes high academic standards and freedom of thought, expression, and inquiry. Students are exposed to a wide range of ideas, both popular and unpopular. Faculty members are actively engaged in their disciplines and are dedicated to challenging students both in and beyond the classroom. Opportunities for students to participate in research and other scholarly and creative activities are plentiful, and independent and collaborative work are encouraged in all disciplines. The emphasis is on the critical thinking, communication—both oral and written—and analytical skills prized in professional, artistic, and civic life. Civil discourse is required of everyone and is framed by knowledge of and respect for cultural and ethnic differences and commonalities.

An important aspect of an excellent education is the opportunity to develop skills learned in the classroom by applying them to real-world situations. Students at Oklahoma City University participate in internships, study-abroad, field schools, and service-learning to expand their expertise in the subject matter of various courses and degree programs while developing their skills as servant leaders. International study and exchange programs encourage students to broaden their understanding of the world and of themselves.

Graduates of Oklahoma City University are endowed with a passion for achievement, an enduring social conscience, and a lifelong exuberance for learning. They offer their communities and their employers the highest level of professionalism, the invaluable skills of effective collaboration and leadership, and a strong commitment to service.