Honors Program  
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in the University Honors Program?
We currently have 150 students in the University Honors Program representing majors in the college of arts & sciences and the schools of business, religion, music, nursing, theatre and dance.

What's different about an honors class?
An honors course generally covers the same material as a traditional course, but honors sections are smaller and more often use a seminar format. The goal of an honors course is to make the subject matter more thought-provoking and challenging. Students have the opportunity for more discussion and variety in classroom experiences.

Do I have to know the subject well before enrolling in an honors course?
No. Professors in the honors program do not assume a student knows a subject well before he/she walks into class.

Am I committed to taking all my general education courses in honors sections?
No. To graduate with honors you must complete 25 hours in honors sections of general education courses. You may select which courses you wish to take in honors.

Can I take an honors course without being part of the University Honors Program?
A student not in the University Honors Program may enroll in an honors course with the approval of the honors committee. However, honors students have priority enrollment in these courses, and a non-honors student may enroll only after all of the honors students have first had the opportunity to select these sections.

Is it going to be more difficult for me to maintain my GPA and keep my scholarship?
Honors students are understandably concerned about their grades. In addition to scholarship concerns, many plan to go on to graduate or professional schools or work in highly competitive fields. In the honors program you are not competing with your peers. We assume all of you are excellent students, and the honors faculty is there to help provide superior education. You will also have an additional .25 per credit hour added to your GPA for each honors course.

What is the Honors Colloquium?
The colloquium is a one-hour course designed to help each new class of honors students become better acquainted with each other and members of the honors faculty.

How do I become eligible for the Honors Program?
Incoming first-year students with a 27 ACT are eligible to apply. OCU first-year and sophomore students are eligible for the honors on-campus recruiting. You must have earned at least a 3.5 GPA in a minimum of twelve hours at OCU. You must also have a 3.5 GPA in your general education courses.

How do I apply?
For incoming students, applications are available online. For students on campus, applications are available from Dr. Regina Bennett in Walker Center 253. Her phone number is 405-208-5178.

Does it cost more in tuition or fees to be part of the University Honors Program?
There is a one-time fee for the honors liberal arts seminar.

Will it require me to take additional hours at OCU?
No, the 25 hours required for graduation with honors count toward your general education requirements.

Is there an honors residence hall?
Yes, you have the opportunity to live in the honors residence hall if you choose. The cost of living in the honors residence is the same as other residence halls on campus. The honors dorm offers you the opportunity to enjoy both social and academic events held in the residence hall lounge.

What's in it for me?
Smaller classes, an opportunity to work with many of OCU's finest professors, and an association of bright, interesting students. In addition, you will have such advantages as early semester enrollment and an additional .25 added to each credit hour of honors courses. During your years at OCU, you will be able to attend lectures and other special events for honors students. You will have the opportunity to attend regional and national conference meetings where honors students from across the region and country present their research in the form of paper, poster presentation and workshops; mix and mingle with each other; and have a lot of fun. In addition, there are many programs offered from associated honors programs that include a semester in New York, semester abroad, etc. Upon completion of your 25 hours with an overall GPA of 3.5 and a 3.25 GPA in your honors courses, you will be eligible to graduate from Oklahoma City University as cum honore, a plus in your future whether you further pursue academics or begin your career.