November 2014



We're committed to teaching service to others

Preparing students to become effective service leaders in their communities is a priority at Oklahoma City University. In fact, service learning is an integral part of the OCU curriculum. Whether your student is taking a class in accounting, dance, composition, or beyond, opportunities to serve the community while gaining valuable real-world experience are built into the syllabus.

Projects can range from helping a non-profit with a financing project to teaching a community dance class. We believe service learning lays a foundation for a well-rounded liberal arts degree. It also prepares students for work and leadership in their community.


Service-Learning Scholarship Opportunity: World House Scholars Program:

The World House Scholars program aspires to be a premier liberal arts program for preparing students to engage in lives of social and ecological responsibility. The program requires students to complete some additional classes such as Social Justice, Peace and Non-Violence,  to name a few. It also requires the students to complete a senior project that deals with peace, poverty, or planet earth, as well as complete a study abroad experience. Students in the program receive a $1,000 per year tuition scholarship as well as a $2,500 scholarship to help pay for their study abroad trip.




A spiritual community  

Oklahoma City University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and we live up to our heritage as a community with a method for success. OCU's culture, comprised of students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, is one of service and scholarship. Through the intentional service learning opportunities and community outreach, our focus is to create socially-aware community leaders who are well equipped to change the world. We strive for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth of all students. This prepares them for the service and transformative leadership they offer their communities.

All denominations and faiths are welcome at OCU, and we have a diverse religious and cultural population represented on campus. We offer a chapel service every Thursday at 1 p.m. During this time no other class or meetings are scheduled in order to allow any member of the campus community an opportunity to attend if they choose.


We have many campus ministry opportunities:
       • The Wesley Center: coordinates worship, study, and service opportunities open to all students
         • Wednesday at the Wesley: lunchtime opportunity to connect with other students offered on Wednesday each month
         • Evensong: Monday evening contemporary worship service
         • Kappa Phi and Delta Alpha Chi: Christian-based service sorority and fraternity
         • Bible Studies: Student-led small groups connecting faith and life

         • Service to Others: share the love of God through service projects such as Habitat for Humanity and Christmas gifts for children in foster care
         • International Missions: annual mission trips to locations in the developing world
         • Small Groups: including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, freshmen Bible study, Generation Blessed Gospel Singers, Spirit of Grace Dancers and more