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Financial Aid Checklist
  • Click Here for Student Financial Services.
  • Obtain admission to Oklahoma City University.
  • Complete your current academic year FAFSA online. If you received aid at a previous school for the current academic year, please go online to update your current FAFSA with OCU's school code (003166), so Student Financial Services may access your information.
  • Review, complete and submit available scholarship applications by March 1.
Things to Remember
Financial Aid Does Not Transfer Between Schools.
Although you've transferred to our school, your financial aid does not automatically transfer. You must complete the OCU financial aid application and process to receive financial aid at our school. Notify us if you received OTAG last term so we can request the funds for coming semesters. If your former school scheduled aid for you, you must notify them to cancel any remaining money for you to receive aid at OCU.
Scholarships Are Available!
Pleased be advised that student loans may not cover the entire cost of the undergraduate programs. You will be responsible for the balance due. Any outside resource, grant, alternative loan, etc. may be used to subsidize the balance. Transfer and nursing scholarships are available. Please visit the scholarship website and okcu.edu/nursing to learn more about scholarship opportunities.
Student Financial Services must have a copy of transcripts from each institution (vocational, college and university) in order to assess your financial aid eligibility. If your admissions counselor has your OFFICIAL transcripts, please ask that they be forwarded to Student Financial Services. You must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at OCU to receive financial aid. If you are not making SAP, you will be placed on financial aid suspension. (Please see SAP policy)
Financial Aid Has A Maximum Number Of Attempted Credit Hours Allowed.
All college credit courses taken anywhere for any purpose, regardless of outcome (completed, failed, withdrawn from, Pass/Fail, incomplete, etc.), count toward the 186 credit hour limit as defined in the OCU federal financial aid SAP policy. It does not matter if you did not use federal financial aid for previous courses. Once students hit this 186 credit hour ceiling, they are no longer eligible for any form of federal aid (Pell grants, Stafford loans, DHHS scholarships, etc.). Be sure to take this into consideration when making financial plans.
Financial Aid Is NOT An Overnight Process.
Financial aid can take 4-6 weeks to process; make sure you have taken all necessary steps to ensure your aid is processed in a timely manner. Some aid programs have limited funds and specific deadlines.
Financial Aid Requires Different Deadlines For Summer Session.
If you plan on attending courses during the summer session, you must contact Student Financial Services in February for special instructions about the summer aid application process and deadlines.