Adult Studies  
Degree Programs

The Adult Degree Completion Program at Oklahoma City University features a flexible and accelerated format with eight-week classes on weekday nights, weekends and online. Through portfolios, you can receive credit for college level work experience and learning. You can choose from the following degree programs.

Behavioral Studies Major

Bachelor of Science

Oklahoma City University, through its Adult Degree Completion Program offers the B.S. degree with a major in Behavioral Studies. The behavioral studies major emphasizes acquiring a knowledge of the influences on human activities revealed through the study of history and analyzed by the behavioral sciences (principally psychology, political science and sociology). Students study what people say and do by analyzing this behavior and the social and political structures in which that behavior occurs. Students learn to clarify, describe and predict behavior, as well as analyze changes in behavior due to individual, social and political factors. Behavioral studies students are prepared for service-related occupations (e.g. human resources and criminal justice, for example) and for graduate studies in psychology, sociology and social work. Some graduate programs mayrequire additional course work. The prerequisite for entering the Behavioral Studies major is Introduction to Psychology.

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Concentration in Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Oklahoma City University, through its Adult Degree Completion Program offers the B.A. in Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Mass Communication. Designed for studentswho desire a degree that provides exposure to all the major areas of mass communications (advertising, broadcast, print media and public relations), the 18 hours of mass communications courses are all taught by faculty members from Oklahoma City University’s award winningDepartment of Mass Communications. 

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Liberal Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts

Oklahoma City University, through its Adult Degree Completion Program offers the B.A. degree with a major in Liberal Studies. The Liberal Studies major allows for expanded intellectual inquiry into the areas of study that comprise every university’s general education requirements. In effect, this major allows a student to turn the ideal of a liberally educated person into the focus of his or her entire degree. A liberal education stimulates life-long learning by stressing the development of basic learning skills, such as oral and written communication and analytical and critical thinking, as well as a heightened sensitivity to the aesthetic and moral dimensions of life.

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