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Careers in Chemistry and Biochemistry

An OCU Chemistry or Biochemistry degree is a springboard many different careers. Graduates attend pharmacy school, medical school, physician’s assistant school and dental school. Graduates go on to do research and obtain their Ph.D. or directly enter the workforce as chemists in medical, analytical and forensic labs.

Chemistry also provides an excellent technical background for those pursuing a business or law degree. A degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry provides students eligibility to enter the lucrative field of patent law upon completion of law school and passing both the state and U.S. patent bar exams. Students can also go on to graduate school in meteorology or an engineering field with completion of sufficient mathematics and physics courses. A variety of financial incentives are available for those wishing to share their passion for chemistry with the next generation as chemistry educators.

Choosing your career is an important decision. Our faculty serve as academic and career advisers for our majors and are always happy to discuss your goals and how to help you achieve them. Faculty advisers will also help you decide which of our four degree programs and many minor options are best for you and your goals.