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Course Descriptions

Psychological Bases of Learning and Guiding Young Children

This course is devoted to the examination of the many variables involved

in learning as well as of contemporary ideas related to the learning
process. Theoretical approaches for guidance in teaching the young child
are analyzed

Sensory Motor Learning

This course examines the relationships among motor, intellectual, and

ego development. Activities designed for independence and responsibility
are presented with opportunities for teachers to structure these
activities for their classrooms. An introduction to movement exploration
for young children is part of the course.

Perceptual Development

This course explores perceptual development in children two and a

half to six years of age, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic
perception. The Montessori sensorial activities are demonstrated and
teachers of preschool, kindergarten, and primary children are shown
activities they can use in their classrooms to enhance perceptual

Language and Reading Development

This course examines the developing abilities of children between the
ages of three and seven years to use oral and written symbol systems as
effective means of communication. The writings of Piaget, Montessori,
Luria, Bruner, and other educators and psychologists are discussed. The
interfaces among reading, writing, and speaking are explored.

Basic Concepts of Primary Math

This course focuses on ways to enhance the development of mathematical

ideas in young children two and a half through eight years of age. Ways
to design "mathematical environments" within a teacher's classroom are
discussed, and useful materials are examined.

Montessori Project Planning Part I and 2

The goals of this course are to enable teachers to observe young
children objectively and to design materials to offer a more
individualized approach to learning for Early Childhood teachers.

Montessori Seminar I and 2

Weekend seminars in the fall and spring taken with approved Montessori

Internship only. Permission of the Montessori director is required.