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English Alumni Stories

An English major who found his way to video game design

English alumnus Jake Miller worked as a Level Designer on Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the Wii U (released November 11, 2014) and then joinedRed 5 Studios as Game Designer to create content for the PC gameFirefall. As a level and game designer, Jake uses principles of design, storytelling, and architecture to create a believable and engaging game for the player. His job is both technical and creative, requiring knowledge of code, art, how they intersect, and the knowledge of humanities.

Jake explains that, "imagination and critical thinking are a requirement daily" in his career, making him "grateful for a liberal arts education." That is why Jake thanks professors of the OCU English Department for helping him develop a love of literature, improve his interpersonal skills, and embolden him to always try new things. "Without these professors in the English department, I wouldn't be where I am today," Jake said.

Jake's message to OCU English students and alumni? "If you are thinking about game design, to reach out. That's what the network of OCU and the English Department is for!