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Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Performance

Description of Human Performance major

This 42-hour major is offered to provide students with the knowledge base and practical skills to prepare them for careers in performance professions, including:

  • corporate wellness coaching
  • personal training
  • strength and conditioning
  • fitness management
  • youth and adult sport coaching
  • sport psychology
  • community-based fitness programs

The flexibility in the course work allows students to select KES elective in line with career goals.

Students are encouraged to seek appropriate professional certification during the final two years of study. 

Graduates will be able to design and implement skill and age-appropriate fitness programs, or pursue advanced study in related fields. This option provides interdisciplinary training to develop healthy living skills by advising students to take specialized electives and minor in a field outside of kinesiology. 

All ESS Human Performance majors are encouraged to complete a minor in an area related to their specialization or in an unrelated area that is complementary to the student’s professional or personal interests. Appropriate minors are, but not limited to:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • education
  • psychology
  • fitness and sport management

The only exception to this might be the 1-2 year transfer student that does not have time to minor; however, they will be encouraged to take elective courses outside of the ESS department to reflect their career choice, if possible.

Human Performance Degree Sheet

Coaching Minor

The Sport Coaching and Human Performance minor is designed for those students looking to enter sport coaching and/or strength and conditioning coaching at the secondary, collegiate, or private practice setting. The minor will provide the background and application of coaching theory needed to become a successful coach. The requirements in the minor also satisfy the state of Oklahoma’s requirements for coaching at the secondary education level. Additionally, upon completion of the course work students will have the necessary background to sit for the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam, a professional certification that is the standard for human performance for coaches at any level of competition.

Coaching Minor Courses


Sport Coaching and Human Performance


Required Minor

Core Courses                                                           17 Hours


ESS 2203 Applied Anatomy (3 hours)                                     

ESS 2413 Theory of Coaching (3 hours)                                 

ESS 3003 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3 hours) 

ESS 3413 Physiology of Exercise  (3 hours)                       

ESS 3441 Physiology of Exercise Laboratory (1 hour)     

ESS 4703 Programming Techniques for Strength and  Conditioning (3 hours)                                                             

ESS 4741 Programming Techniques for Strength and Conditioning Laboratory (1 hour)