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Modern Languages

Modern Languages Lab

Language study requires dedication and steady effort. As an academic field, it is full of challenges, discoveries and a great deal of fun.

Language skills are also immensely practical. The study of a modern language requires understanding and active use of the structures and linguistic patterns of a language as a means of communication. Knowledge of a language also provides insight into past and present achievements of cultures in the context of business, every-day life, and the arts. Developing markets in Europe, Latin America, and in the Pacific Basin will require people with multi-language skills. Employment opportunities can be found in teaching, research, publishing, translation, social work, medical fields, international banking, finance, marketing, advertising, journalism, the arts, travel industry, and domestic and international government service.

What's New in the Modern Language Department

The Modern Language Department now has a beautiful, state-of-the-art Language Lab to enhance the learning experience for our students and enrich speaking and listening skills. Paid for by a grant from the Priddy Foundation, our lab has a network of 25 individual computers. Students can listen to a prepared audio passage, then speak and record their voice. Later students can review both tracks to compare their speaking to the original program material and change or correct to build their skills. The lab also allows students to access authentic news and cultural programs from around the world via the Internet, watch videos, have paired conversations with classmates, and take oral exams.