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Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Languages

Why should I learn another language?

Language Study:

  • increases SAT scores in English vocabulary;
  • increases your skills at drawing inferences;
  • increases your memory functions;
  • increases your test scores on creativity;
  • helps you learn how to learn;
  • provides you with marketable skills;
  • allows you to see how other cultures deal with their history, politics and art;
  • helps you to communicate with people in the U.S. whose native language is not English;
  • makes you aware of your own culture and your unique self;
  • enables you to enjoy international travel more fully.
What are the objectives of the Modern Language Department?

The objectives of the Modern Language Department are twofold:

  • to give the student a practical tool which can be used in the world of business, government, and the professions
  • to give the student a broad understanding of other cultures which is an integral part of a liberal arts education.
  • The program features lecture/lab classes taught by native and near-native speakers. A computer lab features Modern Language learning/review programs. Foreign study is encouraged.
Can I study abroad?

OCU offers opportunities to study abroad including:

  • A direct student exchange with the University of Göttingen, Germany. A one-year (two semesters) exchange scholarship is available annually.
  • Summer of intensive Spanish language study in Mexico.

The department has been successful in placing students in other foreign
study and work programs. German students can obtain the internationally recognized "Certificate of German as a Foreign Language" on the OCU campus.

What about European Languages?

European language study offers language skill classes on the beginning,
intermediate and advanced levels. We emphasize communicative fluency so you learn to understand, speak and write in your language area. You will also receive a solid background in cultural studies, enabling you to understand the history, traditions, and values of another culture. On the advanced level, you will be introduced to the richness of literature in the original language. Business related language courses are offered in all languages. The newest opportunities for cultural immersion are study abroad programs in Germany and Mexico.

What about Asian Languages?

Realizing the unparalleled employment opportunities for graduates with

skills in Asian languages, OCU has implemented a minor in Chinese. You will receive thorough training which enables you to communicate on a
functional level. You may also combine language study with the minor in
Asian studies giving you a deeper insight into the philosophy and
historical framework of non-western civilizations.