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Spring 2013 Highlights


  • Cooley/Dunn and Good/Hottel semifinalists in the first half of the tournament
  • Agee/McNay quarterfinalists in the second half
  • Hottel top speaker and Dunn fourth speaker in the first half
  • McNay fifth speaker in the second half
  • Combined sweepstakes champion for the weekend


  • Hosted on OCU's campus for the fifth consecutive year
  • Cooley/Dunn, Good/Hottel, and Agee/McNay all win in quarterfinals, and Agee/McNay win in semifinals for a three-way closeout of the tournament
  • Five of the top ten speakers (Hottel-1, Agee-3, McNay-6, Good-8, Johnson-9)
  • Dunn/Rivera top Oklahoma entry in Duo Interpretation
  • Oklahoma and overall debate sweepstakes champions
  • Oklahoma sweepstakes champions
  • Overall sweepstakes champions

Pi Kappa Delta

  • Brown/Johnson finish 4-2 in JV, a winning record at their first national tournament, at the end of the first season debating at any level!