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What English majors learn during the course of their studies will enrich their lives, cultivate their values and challenge their intellect, and expand their sense of curiosity and empathy. In courses leading to the major in English, students learn to think critically; to be sensitive to the artistic, moral, and social dimensions of language; and to engage in meaningful research. Literature and writing are studied as forms of art, as forms of social discourse, and as important vehicles for exploring and expressing the human condition.

Students learn to read actively and deeply by studying literary concepts, genres, movements and periods, influential authors and themes, and important critical and theoretical approaches to interpretation. Students will learn to communicate effectively and ethically, to create print, electronic, and visual texts that participate in meaningful conversation with a variety of communities. Students will learn the conventions of written and spoken English, the theory and practice of rhetoric, and the principles and techniques of creative writing.

By graduation, every major completes an internship and/or a portfolio of work that includes a digital text, a creative work, and a research project. Our graduates develop marketable skills valuable for many vocations and endeavors. They also develop the independence and flexibility of mind to thoughtfully and effectively face the challenges of a changing world.

Our department encourages interdisciplinary perspectives and works closely with the Honors Program, the Moving Image Arts Program, and the minors in rhetoric and women’s studies. Our faculty supports OCU Serves by including service learning courses in our curriculum, and we encourage our students to participate in internships and study abroad. We also work to create significant co-curricular activities for students at OCU through the distinguished poets series, OCU Reads, and the Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film & Literature.

Degree Programs

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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (M.F.A.)

Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

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We invite you to visit our classes and to come to English department events. If you would like a first-hand look at what we are doing, please contact Tracy Floreani, English Department Chair, at (405) 208-5707 or tafloreani@okcu.edu.

Introducing THE SMOKEWOOD INSTITUTE for Young Writers

“I have no respect for talent. Talent is genetic, it’s a gift. It’s what you do with it that counts.” 

~ Writer and filmmaker Martin Ritt

The Department of English at Oklahoma City University invites high school students to join us for an intensive two week program of writing workshops, craft sessions, creative readings, and a culminating anthology of student work. Class sessions and accommodations will be housed on OCU’s campus. The course is taught by English faculty, and all students leave with 3 units of college credit* and a stronger sense of their writerly voice.

We are particularly interested in promising young writers who are creatively curious, open to constructive feedback, and looking to be a part of a literary summer community. We welcome young writers of all genres and backgrounds, sophomore to senior level in high school.

Let’s see what you can do with your talent!  For more information and applications, click HERE.