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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of science, and with the explosive development of computer applications to virtually every facet of business and industry, it is rapidly becoming the language of society. Throughout history, mathematics has been studied for its beauty as well as its utility. Mathematics has often been considered more as a "way of thinking" than as a collection of facts, formulas and procedures. The very nature of mathematics requires the development and constant use of a wide variety of analytical skills and approaches to problem solving which impact the student's very existence and are highly prized by prospective employers. The study of mathematics prepares a student for life, as well as for a career.

The demand for quality graduate mathematics students is such that truly excellent opportunities exist for graduate study. Graduates of programs in mathematics also have an excellent background for further study and/or employment in the related sciences, as well as many areas of business and law. The Society of Actuaries is constantly seeking graduates to pursue a career in the insurance field.

Check out the website of our newest Mathematics faculty member, Dr. Charles Samuels.


  1. Pre-engineering classes offered

  2. During the past several years, 7 out of 8 Physics majors have continued their studies at graduate school

  3. Excellent and friendly student-faculty relations, even after graduation of the students

  4. Faculty consists of both young/energetic and experienced mathematicians and physicists

  5. Students in upper divisions are willing to help and support freshmen

  6. Students have easy and direct access to faculty

  7. Students are encouraged to do independent work, also in the physics labs