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Oklahoma City University’s Master of Liberal Arts (M.L.A.) degree program is designed to enable adults to acquire broader knowledge, deeper insight, and greater understanding of our cultural heritage in the humanistic, social, political, and scientific aspects of contemporary civilization. The M.L.A. seeks to lift adults above the provincialism commonly associated with our rapidly changing, increasingly specialized world and to provide them with those general skills that traditionally reflect a liberal education—the abilities to summarize, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize in written and oral discourse—all in an intellectual setting of reflection and value-conscious discourse.

The Curriculum

The MLA curriculum offers two opportunities for study. Students may choose between the General Studies or the Leadership/Management degree programs. Both programs are 36 hours and allow the students the flexibility to design a program that is not only personally enriching but also of maximum personal and career benefit.

General Studies: The General Studies degree is designed to accommodate the curious adult learner who recognizes that learning is an ongoing and evolving process which remains with us all our lives.

INDP 6003 Liberal Arts in Western Culture 3 hours
INDP 6113 Contemporary Topics in Behavioral Sciences 3 hours
INDP 6213 Contemporary Topics in Humanities 3 hours
INDP 6313 Contemporary Topics in Natural Sciences 3 hours
6000-Level Elective 3 hours
Approved MLA Graduate Electives* 21 hours
36 hours

Leadership/Management: The Leadership/Management degree is applicable for those who wish to hone their business skills as well as become aware of the current trends in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

INDP 6003 Liberal Arts in Western Culture 3 hours
MGMT 5713 Organization and Managerial Process 3 hours
MKTG 5103 Strategic Marketing Decisions 3 hours
MGMT 5703 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 3 hours
MGMT 5503 World Economy & International Business 3 hours
Business Class Elective 3 hours
Approved MLA Graduate Electives* 18 hours
36 hours

*Traditionally, approved MLA Graduate Electives are offered in the departments of Art, Criminology, English, History, Justice Studies, Mass Communications, Modern Languages, Moving Image Arts, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science, and Sociology. They will be listed in the course schedule as graduate classes under the department prefix. New courses are added to the MLA curriculum each semester, while standard, popular offerings are retained.