A panorama of Oklahoma City University.

The Hubble space telescope floats in space above Earth.

The Department of Physics offers a bachelor of science degree in Physics.

The B.S. in Physics degree program is designed to provide students with a strong background for a career in industry or government and for further education in graduate school.

Students pursuing their B.S. in Physics are encouraged to also pursue a B.S. degree in Mathematics or Computer Science. In addition, the Department of Physics provides several required courses for students seeking a degree in engineering.

What can I do with
a physics degree?

You may seek immediate employment, or you may continue your studies to earn advanced degrees in:

A visual representation of a law of physics in action.

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • Education

  • Other sciences (astronomy, meteorology, geophysics, etc.)

  • Engineering

  • Law (in particular patent law)

  • Business Administration

  • Medicine (radiology, brain research)