A panorama of Oklahoma City University.

The Hubble space telescope floats in space above Earth.

The Department of Physics offers bachelor of science degree in Physics.

The B.S. Physics degree program is designed to provide students with a strong background for a career in industry and government and for further education in graduate school.

Students pursuing their B.S. Physics degree are encouraged to also pursue a B.S. degree in Mathematics or Computer Science. The Department of Physics also provides several required courses for students seeking a degree in engineering.

What can I do with
a physics degree?

You may seek immediate employment, or you may continue your studies to earn advanced degrees in:

A visual representation of a law of physics in action.

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • Education

  • Other sciences (astronomy, meteorology, geophysics, etc.)

  • Engineering

  • Law (in particular patent law)

  • Business Administration

  • Medicine (radiology, brain research)