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Your Future at OCU!

We have been successful in placing our graduates in a number of competitive psychology graduate programs, such as the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Kansas, the University of Denver, University of Florida, and Unversity of Southern California just to name a few. Our bachelor's degree graduates successfully compete for jobs in social services and business arenas. We believe that our program offers the quality and productivity that you seek. Click here to see what our students have to say!!

Opportunities in Psychology at OCU

We offer you the chance to be a part of psychological research as an undergraduate. All of our faculty have their doctorates and have published research in refereed journals. We work closely with the students as junior colleagues, mirroring the mentorships of graduate programs. This is the kind of experience that gets you noticed by graduate schools and employers.

All of our students are required to complete an internship. During internships qualified and screened students work in an applied community setting, side-by-side with professional psychologists. Interns have worked in clinical therapeutic settings, for both adults and children, in parenting programs, in schools, at the Federal Aeronautics Administration with industrial and organizational psychologists, and with forensic psychologists, in legal settings. Our undergraduate internship program is one of the few in the nation to require all psychology majors to complte an internship.

Practical Courses
We emphasize the American Psychological Association "scientist/practitioner" model, so our curriculum provides a firm foundation in critical thinking, report writing, research methods, and statistics. These are the courses typically required in all graduate programs and in demand by employers. In this way, students who do not desire to go on to graduate school are also prepared for employment in related fields like human relations, research assistants, social services, and the like.

Strong Academic Training
Several philosophy courses are required to complete the major, because we believe they teach our students to think clearly and deeply about issues. A detailed list of the required courses in psychology for the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology can be seen under the "Psy - Degrees" link at the left. The results of a strong academic program are clear: Over the years our majors have successfully completed graduate programs in psychology and sociology, medicine, law, and religion/theology.

Individualized Program
Finally, our small class size lets the faculty work closely with each student. Advanced courses usually average 10 to 15 students. We know you well and work with you to create your program. All of our seniors complete an extensive senior research project in order to graduate. This capstone course requires an intensive investigation of a relatively narrow area in psychology, and affords an opportunity for our majors to specialize or focus on a topic of particular interest to them. Thus, we add depth to the broad liberal arts education they receive.