Dr. Susan Barber, Ph.D

Dr. Susan C. Barber (Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma)
Professor of Biology (1983) and Provost
Office AD 245
Telephone (405) 208-5256
Home Page:
Plant Systematics and Evolution


Dr. Kent Buchanan, Ph.D.

Dr. Kent L. Buchanan (Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center)
Professor of Biology (2006) and Assistant Provost
Office LO 206-A
Telephone (405) 208-5038
Home Page:
Immunology and Fungal Pathogenesis


Dr. Helen M. Gaudin, Ph.D.

Dr. Helen M. Gaudin (Ph.D., The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
Professsor of Biology and Chair (2004)
Office LO 207-B
Telephone (405) 208-5830
Home Page:
Microbiology and Bacterial Genetics


Dr. Laurie Kauffman (Ph.D., University of Florida)
Associate Professor of Biology (2011)
Office LO 203
Telephone (405) 208-5033
Home Page:
Primate Behavior, Animal Behavior, Biological Anthropology, Zoology


Dr. Greg Mullen, Ph.D.

Dr. Greg P. Mullen (Ph.D. The University of British Columbia)
Assistant Professor of Biology (2014) 
Office LO 203
Telephone (405) 208-5245 
Home Page: in progress
Genetics and Cell Biology


Dr. Adam K. Ryburn, Ph.D.

Dr. Adam K. Ryburn (Ph.D. Oklahoma State University)
Professor of Biology (2009)
Office LO 103
Telephone (405) 208-5044
Home Page:
Plant Systematics, Ecology, Environmental Studies, and Economic Botany


Dr. Anthony (Tony) J. Stancampiano (Ph.D. University of Oklahoma)
Associate Professor of Biology (2011)
Office LO 206C
Telephone (405) 208-5258
Home Page:
Mammalogy, Ornithology,
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. John (Curt) Branch, Ph.D.

Dr. John (Curt) Branch (Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma; J.D., Oklahoma City University)
Professor Emeritus (1964-2011)
E-mail :
Microbiology and Science and the Legal Profession


Dr. Terry Conley (Ph.D., The University of Iowa)
Professor Emeritus (1996-2012) 
Plant Molecular Biology


Dr. Lois Kruschwitz, Ph.D.

Dr. Lois Kruschwitz (Ph.D., The University of Nebraska)
Professor Emerita (1972-2006)
OCU E-mail:
Animal Behavior, Environmental Science, and Zoology

Support Staff

Ms. Beth Landon, Biology Lab Technician

Ms. Beth Landon
Biology Laboratory Technician (2004)
Office LO 211
Telephone (405) 208-5041
FAX (405) 208-5468

Mrs. Angela D. Rutledge
Administrative Assistant, Division of Science & Mathematics (2014)
Office LO 101
Telephone (405) 208-5035
FAX: (405) 208-5468