Our Facilities

Herman Meinders, a university trustee and longtime benefactor of the university, provided OCU $18 million to build a new home for its business school. Completed in 2003, the 80,000-square-foot building serves as a learning and technology hub for the University.

In addition to classroom and office space, the three-story facility includes a 2,500-square-foot auditorium capable of hosting business conferences, a computer lab, a student/faculty lounge to facilitate collaboration and mentoring, and breakout rooms for small-group meetings. Business students have access to an on-site learning center where they can video and review mock interviews and presentations, as well as a career center where they can take online self-assessment tests and get career planning help. State-of-the-art technology, including wireless Internet access and video conferencing facilities, bring students from around the world in "virtual" classroom environments.

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Kerr-McGee Auditorium 

Located on the first floor, the Kerr McGee Auditorium offers 2,500-square-feet that can accommodate 250 attendees.  Comfortable auditorium seating with writing trays that can be moved when not in use.  Make use of the ample lighting or lower the shades to darken the room to view films or presentations.  Free parking and security on campus. 

Private/Group Rental
$1800 per day
$950 up to 4 hours

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Large Gardner & Small Gardner

Located on the third floor, the Large Gardner Conference room is typically used for business conferences or luncheons.  Comfortable seating around large round tables can accommodate up to 150 people.  The room can be opened further to the Small Gardner to add accommodations for 50 more.  Free parking and security on campus.  Our on-campus catering company offers a full menu for your convenience.

Private/Group Rental
Large Gardner Conference Room (Accommodates 150 people)
$2000 per day
$1000 up to 4 hours

Small Gardner Conference Room (Accommodates 50 people)

$1000 per day
$500 up to 4 hours 

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Norick Lounge

Conveniently located on first floor, the Norrick Lounge has seating capacity for up to 100 people.  When not in use for events, you can find students utilizing this space for studying. Free parking and security on campus.  Our on-campus catering company offers a full menu for your convenience.  

Private/Group Rental
$1000 per day
$500 up to 4 hours

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Executive Classrooms

Located on the first floor, 4 Executive Classrooms provide a hub for our business partners to connect, hold training sessions and continuing education classes.   Frequently, our students get the opportunity to engage with these leaders in meaningful conversation. Primarily, these classrooms provide space to hold our graduate classes. Each student seat is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including comfortable ergonomic chairs, a network jack or wireless connection, and a power outlet to facilitate laptop use.
In addition, executive classrooms are equipped with Polycom RealPresence. Both hardware and software captures and streams live video of the classroom environment. RealPresence captures two key components: video of the instructor and video of any digital content utilized during class. Both components of content are viewed side by side within the distance student’s Web browser, enabling students to view class in real time. Content captured by RealPresence is also available for viewing after it is captured. This feature is appreciated by students who wish to review material or are unable to attend the live lecture. Our technology provides a unique opportunity for distance students to view and participate in class remotely.  Students view class in real-time, via video streaming technology, and the JoinProf student response system enables distance students to interact in real-time with both the instructor and fellow students.   
Each room is equipped with an interactive smart board, which provides interactive touch screen technology that connects to a projector or computer and significantly improves the overall meeting and presentation experience.
In addition to the specialized equipment this classroom also has instructional technology support that includes:
· Touch panel control and annotation capability
· High resolution – 4000 lumen projection unit
· High quality camera capturing
· Laptop support for guest speakers with networking

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Computer Labs

Located on the first floor, a large computer lab houses both Macintosh and PC computers that can be divided or left open to accommodate up to 36 students.  When not in use by the Software Engineering classes, students can utilize this space for studying.  These 2 labs help expose students to two different computer environments.

Lab MSB 103:  A microsoft windows-based system has IDE (Integrated Development Environment) including NetBeans, Eclipse, Jgrasp, needed for a programmer to develop any type of software and perform computer calculations.

Lab MSB 104:  A Macintosh environment has the tools needed to develop software in a Unix environment. 

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