Meinders school of business

Love's Entrepreneurship Center

The Love’s Entrepreneurship Center provides entrepreneurial opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students through faculty-sponsored business competitions as well as special workshops and events. It is through the Love’s Entrepreneurship Center that students receive support for the annual Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition. The Center is host to “Entrepreneurship Day,” an annual event for local and national entrepreneurs to share best practices, cutting-edge innovations and network with students of the Meinders School of Business. Students participating in the Love’s Entrepreneurship Center make an immediate impact in the marketplace from the start of their careers.

For more information about the Love's Entrepreneurship Center, please contact: 

Bob Greve, Ph.D.
Phone: (405) 208-5437

Meinders students competing in the Governor's Cup Competition

2012 Undergrad Team Moleculera celebrates 1st place and a $20,000 prize!

2012 Graduate Team Precision HealthTech celebrates 3rd place and a $5,000 prize

Arun Kumar celebrates Team Crowdlure's 2011 $2,500 Elevator Pitch Win

2011 Undergrad Team Dreamcatcher Services wins 3rd place and $5,000

2011 Graduate Team TerraCoda celebrates 3rd place and $5,000

Anthony Moorehead congratulated for his 2011 i2E Fellowship

Timothy Harlin visits Governor Henry after his team's 2010 2nd place finish

Team Hexakit celebrates their 2009 1st place victory and $20,000 prize!

2008 3rd place Team Medtrieval celebrates victory and $5,000