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Master Certificate in Health Care Practice Management


MBA 5123 – Effective Leadership and Communication 3 Credit Hours

Course Description:

Based on the established foundations of the Authentic Leadership Model and utilizing the in-depth CDR Assessment Group program for self-assessment and leadership coaching, this course facilitates the development of interpersonal and team skills leaders need to function effectively. The primary focus is on integrated behavioral competencies demanded in organizations today: self-awareness, communication, negotiation, collaboration, and relationship building. Students will work through their own, individualized leadership profile assessments, evaluate effective leadership behaviors, and explore techniques and processes to communicate and negotiate effectively within organizations.

MGMT 6703 - Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations 3 Credit Hours

Course Description:

Emphasizing best practices related to setting up and managing the organization, this course focuses on managerial and operational concepts including strategic planning; quality improvement, organizational strategy and design; individual, interpersonal, and team/group management; along with employment and human resource management topics including selection, staffing, retention, discipline, motivation, productivity, and team building.

FIN 6333 - Healthcare Financial Strategies & Decision Making 3 Credit Hours

Course Description:

This course establishes a mastery understanding and ability to apply basic financial management principles within the emerging patient-centered care environment and across a variety of health care operational settings. A wide range of health care financial management topics are covered, including health care accounting systems, financial analysis, revenue planning, resource management and allocation, third-party reimbursement, regulation, legislation, and contemporary health care finance problems.

MKTG 6143 – Health Care Marketing & Patient Satisfaction 3 Credit Hours

Course Description:

This course employs leading-edge knowledge from services marketing to integrate key aspects of strategic marketing planning and implementation with the achievement of practice-based objectives for assuring patient satisfaction. Health services marketing topics include organizing for marketing; psychographic, demographic, and epidemiological analysis of the market; analysis of the product, price, place, and promotion; competitor analysis; market opportunity and demand for forecasting; market strategy; along with understanding the nature and antecedents for client satisfaction and the assessment and assurance of client satisfaction objectives.

MGMT 6723 - Medical Law & Regulation 3 Credit Hours

Course Description:

Examines medical ethics, laws and regulations pertaining to the obligations and liabilities of health and health care institutions, health agencies, third-party payors, and health care providers. Significant emphasis deals with enhancing students’ understanding of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on health care practice and management. 

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