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Business students from around the world come to Meinders with a common goal: to become exceptional leaders in business. To prepare, students compete in local, state, and national competitions, present business and marketing plans, participate in internships, conduct research, and graduate with the knowledge and skills to transition to a successful career.

Students receive a higher level of learning and engagement inside the classroom, offering a unique environment built around the success of each individual. Our professors help students gain a higher connectedness to their course of study by practicing critical thinking and applied learning in real business situations, along with theories and principles related to business.

Meinders School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) and ranks in the top 5% of business schools in the world. AACSB Accreditation ensures that a school is teaching a student what employers need – the latest ideas in business, theories, and practical skills; the ability to communicate effectively; professionalism, ethics, and responsibility; the understanding of financial markets and accounting regulations, and more. By selecting the Meinders School of Business you will be provided access to a curriculum designed with innovative and relevant business ideas and methods taught by qualified faculty.


The Meinders School of Business offers the degrees of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Software Engineering.

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Business Administration/Management

Chair: Jeri Jones, Ph.D.
Management Faculty: James Guzak, Ph.D.; Carol Howard, Ph.D.; Marisa Saavedra, M.A.; Meredith Wegener, J.D., LLM

Program Description

Reflecting the Meinders School’s broad view of business administration, the business administration major allows the student to tailor the course work to suit particular interests and professional objectives. Students choose a first and second field from the fields available and listed below, then select three courses in the first field and two courses in the second field. Six additional 3000-level or above business school credit hours are then chosen to complete the major. Courses in some fields must be taken in the proper sequence, and students must meet stated course prerequisites.

BBA - Business Administration Track Sheet




Chair: James Ma, Ph.D. 

Faculty: Ron Shaw, Ph.D.

Program Description:

Knowledge and understanding of financial organization and structure have a very real place in our economic system. Professional training in financial principles, practices, and promotion; operation and contribution of community and securities markets; investment and risk concepts; short-term and long-term financing for the firm; and expansion, consolidation, and merger of enterprises all prepare the student for work in a finance department or to work as a specialist in the areas of budget, investment, or credit and financial control. Professional opportunities will be found in banks, savings and loan associations, investment firms, brokerage houses, or financial planning in the public sector.

BBA - Finance Track Sheet


Chair: Beth Stetson, Ph.D.

Faculty: Jane Austin, Ed.D.; Evan Shough, Ph.D.

Program Description:

The Meinders School of Business (MSB) Department of Accounting is well connected to the Business Community and exceptionally student-focused. Accounting firms (including the Big Four), Fortune 500 corporations and government employers, among others, enthusiastically recruit MSB MSA graduates. Our graduates typically must decide between multiple job offers—a nice decision with which to wrestle. If you are not yet familiar with the employer demand for Accounting graduates, you might want to read “Demand for Accounting reaches all-time high,” a June 2013 Journal of Accountancy article.

BBA - Accounting Track Sheet

BBA / MSA Track Sheet 


Chair: James Ma, Ph.D.

Faculty:  Russell Evans, Ph.D.; Kyle Dean, Ph.D.; Jacob Dearmon, Ph.D.; John Wilner, Ph.D.; Jerome Segura, Ph.D.

Program Description:

With the massive increase in the availability of data and tools to turn data into useful information, the analytical and technical skills developed in Economics are crucial for your future. Economics develops problem solving skills. All of these abilities are high priorities for careers, not just jobs, of the future. Typical employment after graduation is in insurance, securities, and banking industries. Other areas of employment where analytic skills are a priority are also common employment opportunities. For those who want to further develop these skills mathematics study is crucial and is one of the options in the major.

BBA - Economics Track Sheet


Chair: Jeri Jones, Ph.D.

Marketing Faculty: Jason Flores, Ph.D., Alex Smith, Ph.D.

Program Description: 

The marketing faculty work collaboratively to offer a creative environment where students have the opportunity to learn management and marketing theory and apply through experience in and outside the classroom the skills and abilities necessary to develop the art of management and leadership and the science of management and marketing. Students may participate in externships, mentoring, internships, and interactions with leaders in the marketing industry and management at all levels.

BBA - Marketing Track Sheet

Software Engineering


The Oklahoma City University software engineering program gives graduates programming capabilities, a well-rounded knowledge of computer structures and functioning, extensive hands-on experience with workstations and microcomputer systems, and the benefit of an exceptionally strong foundation in the liberal arts.  The Computer Science program is taught within the Meinders School of Business.  Students study AACSB accredited business courses in addition to their software engineering core courses, making their course of study unique and highly sought after by employers. 

The academic strengths of the program are complemented by excellent access to both workstations and microcomputers.

Oklahoma City University offers two Bachelor of Science degree programs in this field: Software Engineering - Business Solutions and Software Engineering - CS STEM.

Chair: Kewei Sha, Ph.D.

Faculty: Robert Greve, Ph.D.; Noh-Jin Park, Ph.D.; Hyacinthe Aboudja, Ph.D.; Andy Khader, M.B.A.; John Johnson, Ph.D.; Ken Carlton, M.B.A.


BS Software Engineering - Business Solutions Track Sheet

BS Software Engineering - CS STEM Track Sheet


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