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About the Chapel

About Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel

The Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel was purposely located between the academic and residential areas of the campus and bordering 23rd Street. It stands as a symbol of the enduring Methodist commitment to the joining of knowledge, vital piety, and service to the world.  

Famed MIT architect Pietro Belluschi, perhaps best known for the MetLife Building in New York City, brought his extensive experience in designing churches to this signature structure. Reid and Associates, architectural firm, detailed the plans and supervised the construction. Its spire rises 151 feet over the sanctuary whose ceiling soars to the equivalent height of an eight story building. The sanctuary seats 650 and boasts a magnificent 70 rank Holtkamp organ enhanced by excellent acoustics. The building’s striking beauty and unique four-gabled design houses an active religious life on campus as well as the Wimberly School of Religion and the Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University.