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UMC Scholarships

Bishop Scholar Award

Each year, Oklahoma City University presents the Bishop Scholar Award to deserving students as a part of its effort to identify and support academically advanced United Methodist youth who are committed to a career in Christian service to the Church. Interested students must fulfill the eligibility requirements and complete the application process listed below.

NOTE: Recipients of the award are required to help at University-Church Relations Office functions and special events on campus as needed. In addition, they are expected to be student leaders, actively participating in the Religious Life Council and its activities. Attend scheduled Bishop's Scholars events.

Amount of the Award

The Bishop Scholar Award provides up to the full cost of tuition, up to the block price, for four years. Fees, books, room and board, and other expenses are NOT included.


Applicant's must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Student must be a high school senior who is entering OCU as a first year student.
  • Meet the admissions standards of the University
  • Have a 3.0 GPA or better (in core curriculum classes only)
  • Hold membership in a United Methodist Church
  • Be recommended by the senior pastor of the student's church
  • Be a full-time student at OCU who intends to pursue a career in Christian service in the United Methodist Church
  • Major in one of the degree programs of the Wimberly School of Religion
  • Plan to live all four years in University housing facilities


Interested students must first secure an application for admission to Oklahoma City University from the Office for Undergraduate Admissions. The student should also talk to his/her minister about full time ministry in the United Methodist Church and about being a Bishop's Scholar Award.

Application for the Bishop Scholar Award can happen in one of two ways:

  1. The student is recommended by his or her senior pastor, or
  2. The student applies directly for consideration for the award. If the pastor initiates the process, the student will be informed of the nomination and be asked to complete the student information form. If the student initiates the process, then the pastor will be contacted with a request for a letter of recommendation.
Student ApplicationPastor Recommendation FormRecommender Form
  • All materials and documents must be submitted by the deadline of February 1, 2017.
  • Initial application by either the pastor or the student
  • The student will be asked to provide a personal written statement of qualifications, accomplishments, talents, and desire for full time service in The United Methodist Church. 
  • Applicants must provide academic recommendations from a high school counselor or teacher and a personal recommendation from a layperson in their local church.
  • Each applicant must meet with the Bishop’s Scholar Award Selection Committee for a personal interview. The interview date will be February 18, 2017, with February 25 serving as an alternate date for bad weather.
2016-2017 Bishop Scholars
John Vick
Laley Braucher
Clergy & Clergy Dependent Tuition Remission

Oklahoma City University offers 100% tuition remission per semester for undergraduate work and 50% tuition remission per semester for graduate work (excluding Law School) to United Methodist ministers who are under appointment by the Bishop in either  the Oklahoma Annual Conference or the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. This tuition remission is also available to their spouses and dependent children.

Only students who are admitted to the university unconditionally are eligible for this scholarship. It is a university requirement that any applicant for this scholarship must complete the current FAFSA in order to be considered for it. After the student’s federal and/or state grants have been applied, the tuition remission will cover the remaining tuition (fees and books are not included).

*This form must be completed annually before the start of the fall semester (or summer for those taking summer courses) for each student seeking the tuition remission discount.

Dean's Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

The Dean's scholarship award is for 80% tuition.

  • Maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average;
  • Continue your commitment to a full-time vocation in the United Methodist Church;
  • Continue a course of study in the Wimberly School of Religion; and
  • Be active in and provide leadership for the campus Religious Life Programs
School of Religion Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

  • Maintain a 2.5 Grade Point Average;
  • Continue your commitment to a full-time vocation in the United Methodist Church;
  • Continue a course of study in the Wimberly School of Religion; and
  • Be active in and provide leadership for campus Religious Life Programs
Other Financial Assistance

Please visit the General Board of Higher Education and Ministries website at; or call 615-340-7346 for Loan Department; or 615-340-7344 for the Scholarship Department. Some of the scholarships offered by the GBHEM are direct application and some are nominations through this office. (The General Board of Higher Education and Ministries scholarship opportunities may not apply to our law students.)

See the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation at for the Dollars for Scholars program and others. You may be eligible to receive Triple Your Dollars for Scholars or Quadruple Your Dollars for Scholars. Click here for more information and to apply online.

For other general scholarship opportunities please visit the university's Financial Aid pages.

For more assistance, please contact the University-Church Relations office:

Rita L. Himes
University-Church Relations
Oklahoma City University
2501 N. Blackwelder Ave., AD 402
Oklahoma City, OK 73106-1493
(405) 208-5060
fax (405) 208-5612