The words "Oklahoma City University" carved in stone on a brick wall

Distinguished Speakers Series

An enrichment program for the Oklahoma City Community

The Distinguished Speakers Series at Oklahoma City University was established to enrich the academic experience of students, faculty, and staff--and to create a Chautauqua experience that is free and open to the public. Nobel Laureates have joined a remarkable lineup of world-class thinkers, writers, and opinion-leaders who know that OCU is where ideas are freely expressed, and learning is a continuous process of being challenged and inspired.

In a time when civil discourse is increasingly rare, and students are too often encouraged to support only those thinkers they already agree with, OCU fulfills one of the central purposes of a university by hosting provocative speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds, and multiple perspectives. This generates new thinking, productive discussions, and the rare opportunity for future servant leaders to meet some of the most remarkable human beings alive today. Lectures are free and open to the public and are well attended by people across the state.