Career Services  
Info for Faculty & Staff

Just as the Faculty at OCU are committed to academic excellence, the Career Services Staff are dedicated to assisting our students and alumni in pursuing their academic and professional goals. Through individual Career Counseling and Career Planning, we offer a number of resources and services that assist students in their career decision making process. The Career Services Office now offers vocational assessments such as the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory.

In addition, the Career Services office is proactive in making outreach to Employers on a daily basis, encouraging them to actively recruit for all OCUmajors. The employers that contact OCU represent industry leaders within a number of different fields. Often these employers might contact a faculty or staff member directly and it is greatly appreciated if you could please forward all internship and professional opportunities to the Career Services office so that this information can be posted on our website and made readily available to all students and alumni of OCU.

Finally, your continued support is greatly appreciated as we work collaboratively together in helping our students position themselves for success in their chosen area of interest. 


Amelia Hurt
Director of Career Services