Career Services  
Individual Career Counseling

The Career Services office provides individual Career Counseling to assist you in your career decision making process. Through individual Career Counseling, we will work closely with you in exploring your professional interests and offer strategies and resources to help you along your journey. Contact a Career Services staff member to schedule an appointment today.


What Can I Do With A Major In …

Still undecided? Wondering what you can do with your current major? Not sure how college, careers and skills relate?

Start exploring majors and the common career areas that follow, along with typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. What Can I Do with this Major is a tool to help you start making the connection between your major and your career.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list but representative list of majors and areas of employment associated with each major.


Your Roadmap to Success

Your career development process begins with your college experiences. Every course you take, every student organization you join, and every campus experience is an opportunity to build and diversify your skills and develop your goals. Whether you're a freshman or preparing for graduation, there are steps you take to prepare for your future.  

Start by forming your Career Action Plan

Vocational Assesments

The Career Services offers on-line assessments for students to assist them with their career decision making process. The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator are offered on-line.

Contact a Career Services staff member to receive the username and password to take a career assessment. Upon taking the assessment, the results are emailed to the Career Services office, who will then contact you to arrange an individual appointment and review these results in detail.