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Writing a Résumé

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What is a Résumé?

  • Your résumé is a marketing tool
  • A way for you to “sell yourself”
  • A good resume is one that works = getting you invited for an interview
  • Reflects your skills, knowledge
  • Explains what makes you an ideal candidate
  • Used in interview process

Why Do I Need a Résumé?

  • It gives your future supervisor an idea of who you are and what your strengths/skills are
  • It gives you a “cheat sheet” for advertising your skills to an employer
  • You are going to need one eventually—both for internships, part time and post-graduate employment or graduate school

The Chronological Résumé

  • Keep it simple, one page
  • No templates!
  • Résumé paper white or off white, heavier stock
  • Stay away from Italics, excessive underlining, script.
  • Font should be Times or Arial, 10-14 point
  • Bullets simple, no images
  • Spill cheek. (Spell Check)
  • Consistency with margins and headings

Point to Remember

  • Your résumé is a marketing tool, not a biography
  • A résumé should be one typewritten page exactly—no more, no less
  • Any experience—whether paid, volunteer, or extracurricular—is worth considering for your résumé
  • Proofread carefully for spelling and grammar