Chemistry Department  
Career Opportunities in Chemistry

An assembly of multicolored vials, presumably containing chemicals.

Oklahoma City University chemistry and biochemistry graduates have a long tradition of admissions to medical programs. Others have furthered their studies by earning Ph.D. degrees; Oklahoma City University chemistry and biochemistry graduates have been recruited for admission by prestigious graduate programs throughout the United States. 

Chemistry Jobs in Oklahoma City

Graduates who elect to enter the work force often can find positions with employers such as the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and the Oklahoma State Department of Environmental Quality. Additionally, there are a number of smaller companies in the Oklahoma City area that hire chemists.

More Careers in Chemistry

Chemistry and biochemistry graduates often pursue opportunities in nonscientific areas such as business and law; the skills learned by studying the chemical sciences provide an excellent foundation for professions outside of science. Additional information on opportunities for chemists and biochemists can be found on the Internet.

Chemistry & Your Career: Questions & Answers (.pdf)