Dancers in class
OCUNYC Alumni Association

OCUNYC is Oklahoma City University's New York City Alumni Chapter. OCUNYC is committed to providing opportunities for Oklahoma City University alumni in the Tri-State area for networking, continuing education, and philanthropy, as well as assisting in the assimilation of new graduates into the New York City community.

Each spring OCUNYC hosts a Spring Break NYC workshop. The 3-day intensive is open to any student at Oklahoma City University interested in the performing arts, and is available free of charge thanks to a generous donation from Ann Lacy.

The emphasis of the workshop is to provide current students with a safe environment to hone their craft, under the guidance of incredible faculty of NYC theatre professionals. Students are encouraged to take this opportunity to push themselves beyond what is expected of them every day on campus and to try something new in a supportive atmosphere free from pressure and judgment.

The goal is that this workshop experience will serve as a springboard to further motivate current students once they return to classes at Oklahoma City University. Also, the workshop experience helps to give students a clearer picture of what to expect when moving to NYC after graduation.

Each workshop is carefully designed to provide students with all the tips and tools necessary to help begin the transition from dance/arts management student to theatre professional. Whether a freshman, senior or anywhere in between, there is something for every student at this workshop.

The classes are designed with two goals. The first is to begin students’ exposure to NYC theatre professionals. Students will meet with casting directors, union officials, directors, choreographers and teachers and have the opportunity to showcase their talents to them. The workshop faculty is INCREDIBLE! Students will be able to check out the faculty bios and see for themselves that the workshop brings them the cream of the crop of the NYC Theatre Industry each year.

The second goal is to provide a SAFE environment for more learning in the craft. Students should not think of this as a three-day audition! The faculty is well aware that all of the participants are in different stages of preparation for the business. They will help guide students on the path to artistic growth and success in the theatre business. Students will receive constructive critiques and suggestions as to how to improve themselves and their career.

Don’t be afraid to try something new! We hope that everyone will give everything a try. Even if you consider yourself a newbie in one area or another…give it a shot…this is your chance to learn.