Dancers in class
Honorary Doctorates

Oklahoma City University's School of American Dance and Arts Management presents Honorary Doctor of Performing Arts in American Dance degrees to American dancers who have contributed significantly to the creation, development, preservation, and promotion of the American art form of tap.

"It does not surprise me that Oklahoma City University would lead the way in honoring these great performers," said national tap dance columnist Melba Huber. "Oklahoma City University, with the guidance of John Bedford and Jo Rowan, has become the premiere dance school in the world because of its recognition of the American art forms tap and jazz."

Honorary Doctorate Recipients

1998 - David Howard
2000 - Donald O'Connor
2002 - Cholly Atkins
2002 - Bunny Briggs
2002 - Buster Brown
2002 - Jeni LeGon
2002 - Henry LeTang
2002 - Fayard Nicholas
2002 - Leonard Reed
2002 - Jimmy Slyde
2002 - Prince Spencer
2008 - Arthur Duncan