Mission Statment

The mission of the Department of Education at Oklahoma City University is to develop teachers who will be strong leaders with the ability to educate others successfully. The faculty is committed to offering a personalized professional degree that carries a reputation for academic excellence focusing on the knowledge, skills and dispositions to promote the success of each graduate and instill a desire for lifelong learning and service.

Core Beliefs and Values

In support of the mission of Oklahoma City University and the Petree College of Arts and Sciences, the faculty of the Department of Education aspires to the highest standards of excellence in education and believes their commitment achieves the following:

  • Academic Excellence: Candidates learn to be excellent educational models who reflect and self-evaluate, following the models of faculty and administrators in the Department of Education who are committed to scholarly research based on theory, application and integration of knowledge.
  • Appreciation of a Personal Approach: Through personal mentoring and guidance by the faculty, candidates can learn skills and develop dispositions to be successful as individuals, teachers, and leaders.
  • Service to the Community and Service Learning: The total educational development of individual candidates enables them to positively impact their community. Consequently, service learning opportunities are an integral part of the Teacher Education Program academic experience. Candidates are expected to serve in diverse educational settings in which they can integrate theory and practice to meet the varied needs of their students and community.
  • Cultural Knowledge and Appreciation: Candidates acquire a strong knowledge and experiential base regarding diversity to enable them to interact successfully with students, administrators, parents and other community members. Candidates are provided extensive opportunities to gain exposure to the many kinds of diversity they will encounter in the schools and to develop the skills to make a positive impact on all involved.
  • Career Success: Candidates are empowered to succeed in their career choice. Candidates are provided with experiences for critical thinking, creative problem solving, aesthetic appreciation, and moral awareness, which foster career success and lifelong learning.
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