American Montessori Society: Early Childhood Education

This program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree. Students take courses leading to American Montessori Society certification while simultaneously working on a master’s degree. Upon completion of the Montessori courses, they will need only 6 hours to complete the master’s program. This master’s degree plan contains concentration in Montessori methods and supportive coursework in other fields, research, and evaluation.

Required for American Montessori Society Early Childhood Certification: Schedule 2014

Classes meet Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm

  • Sensory Motor learning (ECED 5113) (3 credit hours): May 27–June 5
  • Music: June 6
  • Psychological Bases of Learning and Guiding Young children (ECED 5504) (4 credit hours): June 9–20
  • Perceptual Development (ECED 5203) (3 credit hours): June 23–July 2
  • Language and Reading Development (ECED 5213) (3 credit hours): July 7–17
  • Basic Concepts of Early Math and Cultural Studies(ECED 5603) (3 credit hours): July 17–30

After finishing the above classes, students complete a half-internship 5 days a week in a Montessori 3–6 classroom for 9 months.

  • Fall Seminar (ECED 5163) (3 credit hours): 1 weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • Spring Seminar (ECED 5263) (3 credit hours): 1 weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • Materials Construction and Design (ECED 5022) (2 credit hours): Fall semester
  • Materials Construction and Design (ECED 5172) (2 credit hours): Spring semester

Required for Master of Education Degree:

  • Methods of Research or Research and Writing (3 hrs): Fall semester or Spring semester
  • Evaluation of Young Children (3 hrs): Spring semester

A written comprehensive exam is required upon completion of the master’s program.

Students may be eligible for partial tuition grants offered by the Education Dept. For other financial aid, check with the Oklahoma City University Office of Financial Aid.

For further information; contact

Charlotte Wood-Wilson
Interim Director, Montessori Education Program
Oklahoma City University
(405) 208-5372.

The Montessori Program at OCU is accredited by the MACTE commission.

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