Applied Behavioral Studies at Oklahoma City University
Course Descriptions

[ * = denotes a course currently being offered]


ABS 5213 ISSUES IN MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH - This course will explore issues regarding the relationship between physical and emotional health—primarily from mental health, coping, and counseling perspectives. The roles of adjustment, lifestyle, and social factors on stress and wellness are discussed.

ABS 5313 SEXUAL ISSUES IN COUNSELING - This course will focus on psychosexual development throughout the life span, interviewing and counseling techniques, and ethical sexual therapy for sexual dysfunctions, addictions, paraphilias, and challenges related to aging and illness. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 5314 ASSESSMENT I * - Students will learn how to administer, score, and interpret personality tests for adults and children. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission; extra fees may be required]

ABS 5363-4 TOPICS *

ABS 5413 CRISIS INTERVENTION - Special intervention strategies relevant to counseling will be discussed which may include, posttraumatic stress, sexual assault, partner violence, grief and bereavement, and workplace violence.

ABS 5503 ADDICTIONS * - An overview of the addiction process, what constitutes an addiction, and the treatment methods available through counseling and other means.

ABS 5513 DEATH AND DYING - As the last stage in life span development, Death & Dying is an important course to take and an important concept to adjust to. We’ll explore a variety of issues such as coping with chronic illness, death awareness, stages of dying, hospice, suicide, euthanasia, funeral customs, children’s experience, and traumatic death—and their impacts on each individual. Where possible, we will arrange relevant field trips.

ABS 5564 MARRIAGE & FAMILY THERAPY - An overview of the major marriage and/or family counseling theories for use in a variety of settings. Prerequisite: ABS 5713 Counseling Theories & Permission.

ABS 5613 GERONTOLOGY - Understanding of developmental experiences and their impacts on adjustment. Mental health issues and community resources will be a primary focus. Intervention strategies from a counseling perspective will be discussed.

ABS 5713 COUNSELING THEORIES - Traditional theories and techniques of counseling will be covered as well as the personality theory underlying them. This course will address how to move from theory to practice. Development of basic counseling skills and awareness of self will be covered. Extra fees required. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 5703 BEHAVIOR PATHOLOGY * - This course further investigates abnormal human behavior and dysfunction as it relates to the DSM disorders. Schizophrenia, neurosis, psychosis, multiple personality, and depression are among the topical issues studied. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 5813 CAREER DEVELOPMENT * - This course will focus primarily on life style and career choice, the decision making process, career counseling, and vocational choice. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 6314 ASSESSMENT II * - A deeper investigation into the administration, scoring, and interpretation of primarily intelligence tests for adults and children. [prerequisite: ABS 5314 and extra fees may be required]

ABS 6513 SOCIOCULTURAL FOUNDATIONS  - This course will explore multi-cultural counseling, socio-cultural theories, research, and practice in society. Other areas covered will be the inherent diversity of individuals including gender, race, culture, religion, communication and work styles, beliefs, values, and socioeconomic status, as well as the impact of society and culture on behavior. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 6714 ADVANCED COUNSELING TECHNIQUES * - A more detailed investigation of theories and techniques of counseling. This course will focus on the more structured and systematic techniques for psychotherapeutic intervention. For graduate students in counseling. [Pre-requisite: ABS 5713 Counseling Theories & Permission]

ABS 6743 GROUP PROCESS * - This course is includes a theoretical and experiential component to group process, group dynamics, and group counseling. Examples of skills and concepts discussed include group formation, communication, stages of group growth, problem solving, cohesion, team building, leadership, decision making, and conflict resolution. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 6776 PRACTICUM * - Field experience in professional counseling whereby students will provide introductory counseling services in a mental health clinic, counseling center, or other human services agency. A minimum of 100 clock hours are required. [Prerequisite: 33 ABS hours, plus Candidacy status]

ABS 6813 PERSONALITY & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT * - This human growth and development course will cover personality and development throughout the entire life span. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 6903 RESEARCH METHODS * - This course is designed to introduce the student to research methods relevant to applied behavioral studies and counseling. A statistical component will be included. [Prerequisite: ABS Admission]

ABS 6975 PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION/ETHICS * - Relevant ethical issues studied will include confidentiality, privacy, multiple relationships, supervision, the counseling relationship, and research. Codes of ethics, standards of practice, and preparation will be covered. This course will also include the capstone project. [prerequisites: 24 hours of ABS course work, including ABS 6903]

ABS 6979 INTERNSHIP * - Advanced field experience in counseling whereby students will provide direct face-to-face intervention and diagnostic assessment with clients under the auspices of an on-site supervisor. The internship is to be taken toward the end of the master's degree in counseling. A minimum of 200 clock hours are required. [prerequisite: ABS 6776]