The early childhood program is based on the belief that educators must have a strong theoretical base of understanding in young children’s growth, development, and learning processes. The educator must master a variety of instructional strategies and responsive behaviors for working with young children in the educational setting. A developmentally appropriate educational environment is imperative for young children to construct knowledge at various cognitive and experiential levels. The educator is taught to support children in their total developmental process.

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education
124 Hours

Fall Freshman - 16 Hours

16 hours General Ed/University Requirements

Spring Freshman - 16 Hours

16 hours General Ed./University Requirements

Fall Sophomore - 16 Hours

16 hours General Ed/University Requirements

Spring Sophomore - 16 Hours

EDUC 2001 Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 3103 Human Development
12 General Ed/University Requirements

Fall Junior - 16 Hours

ECED 3403 Foundations of Reading
ECED 3013 Fundamentals of ECE
EDUC 3113 Psychology and Assessment
EDUC 3213 Students with Exceptionalities
4 hours General Ed/University Requirements

Spring Junior - 16 Hours

ECED 3413 Reading Assessment and Instruction
ECED 3312 Home, School, and Comm. Relations
ECED 4702 Children’s Literature
ECED 4143 Creative Arts and Activities
6 hours General Ed/University Requirements

Fall Senior - 16 Hours

ECED 3704 Lang. Arts & Social Studies
EDUC 4023 English Language Learners
ECED 4613 Early Childhood Curr. and Mgmt.
ECED 3804 Inquiry Science and Math Methods
2 hours General Ed/University Requirements

Spring Senior - 12 Hours

Student Teaching Semester
ECED 4639 Student Teaching
EDUC 4673 Student Teaching Seminar

Important Steps in Your Teacher Education Program

1. By Second Semester of Sophomore Year
Take EDUC 2001: Introduction to Teaching
Portfolio Initial Review (This is a part of the course.)
Take OGET (Oklahoma General Education Test) during this semester or in the summer

2. During the First Semester of Junior Year
Apply for Admission to Teacher Education Program
Present Your Portfolio at Interview for Admission

3. During the Semester before Student Teaching (First Semester of Senior Year)
Complete Portfolio Mid-Program Review
Apply for Student Teaching
Take the OSAT (Oklahoma Subject Area Test)

4. During Your Student Teaching Semester (Last Semester of Senior Year)
Portfolio Final Review
Take OPTE (Oklahoma Professional Teachers Exam)