English Department  
Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

Program Description
The Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing benefits a wide range of students interested in developing their creative writing skills. It is a compelling alternative to seeking a graduate degree, but it also provides graduate course work that could be applied to a degree. Students who decide to pursue, and are accepted into, the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Oklahoma City University can apply to have up to six hours from their certificate work towards meeting the MFA degree requirements. The Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing is also an appealing adjunct course of study to people in other degree programs who want to develop their writing skills and enhance their employment opportunities. Financial aid is not available for certificate study.

Learning Outcomes
The core curriculum is designed to ensure all students share a common foundation in the fundamental creative writing genres—fiction, non-fiction, and poetry—training students as expert readers and writers of these genres. Beyond the core, students pursue literature, rhetoric, pedagogy, and writing courses according to a curricular plan co-devised with their academic advisor. Learning outcomes will strengthen and fulfill each student’s stated goals, which may vary from personal enrichment to career development as teachers, editors, or authors.

Admission Requirements
Students are required to have an earned Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in English or related field. To apply, students should send their undergraduate transcript, a two- to three-page personal statement of their objectives in pursuing this field of study and a sample of their creative work: either a selection of five poems or 10-12 pages of fiction/nonfiction. The application should be sent to Admissions at www.okcu.edu/admission/graduate/apply.aspx.

Certificate Requirements
Credit Hours: 15

Required Courses (9)
Three of the following graduate level English courses:
Fiction Writing Workshop
Fiction Forms and Techniques
Nonfiction Writing Workshop
The Personal Essay
Poetry Workshop
Poetry Forms and Techniques
Writing for Stage and Screen

Elective Courses (6)
Any two 5000- or 6000-level English courses