English Department
Faculty & Staff
Karen Schiler
Assistant Professor of English

Email: keschiler@okcu.edu
Office: WC 263A
Phone: (405) 208-5605
Composition, Introduction to Creative Writing, Poetry

Teaching and Research Interests:
Dr. Schiler's areas of study include Composition & Rhetoric, Creative Writing, and Film. She is especially interested in the power of nonviolent public rhetoric, and how we can use it to inspire each other to be better, smarter people. Similarly, she believes that creative works such as poetry, novels, and films can exchange ideas within and across communities in a way that invites people to reflect on their best shared values. She also studies how teachers and students learn from each other, through a creative process of imitation and innovation. She has been involved in writing program administration projects for supporting new teachers and assessing the impact of writing across the curriculum. She has held many jobs in her life--from antique salesman to museum tourguide to butterfly wrangler on a film set--but being a teacher is her favorite job of all.

Of Note:
Director of the Smokewood Institute for Young Writers