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Kerry Cohen
I am the author of Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity, three young adult novels - Easy, The Good Girl, and It's Not You, It's Me - as well as two forthcoming books, a memoir about parenting my autistic son and a psychological examination of the "loose girl" issue. My essays have been featured in The New York Times' "Modern Love" series, The Washington Post, Brevity, Literary Mama, Best Sex Writing 2010, Babble, My Baby Rides the Short Bus, Crush, and other journals and anthologies. I've been teaching writing for about fifteen years, including lots of online classes in memoir writing as well as one-on-one mentorships. I'm also a psychotherapist.

I'm concerned mostly with girls' issues, particularly girls/women and sex. I'm interested in how so much of our behavior and decisions are culturally cued. Much of my work can be defined by my admittance to feelings and behaviors that most of us feel but are hard pressed to admit to. I believe learning we aren't so alone, finding that sort of intimacy between the covers of a book, saves us. And I believe telling the truth is the key to good writing. My pedagogical interest is primarily in narrative form: how do we use form to engage readers, to bring them into an experience that might make them uncomfortable or challenge them emotionally?