Smokewood Institute  

Workshops are led by faculty from the Department of English at Oklahoma City University. Additionally, the Smokewood Institute is staffed by current students in Oklahoma City University’s English program.

Rob Roensch, Professor

Professor Rob Roensch

As a fiction writer, Mr. Roensch’s interests include the short-story, contemporary fiction, composition, creative writing pedagogy, and American Literature. He strives to apply Thoreau’s idea of life as a thoughtful experiment to the writing process and believes in the limitless possibilities of the writing classroom, of a group of learners together asking questions of great works of language, thought, art and argument for the purpose of better seeing, understanding and affecting the world.

Karen Schiler, Director

Professor Karen Schiler

Dr. Schiler's areas of study include Composition & Rhetoric, Creative Writing, and Film. She believes that creative works such as poetry, novels, and films can exchange ideas within and across communities in a way that invites people to reflect on their values. She also studies how teachers and students learn from each other, through a creative process of imitation and innovation. She has held many jobs in her life—from antique salesman to museum tour guide to butterfly wrangler on a film set—but being a teacher is her favorite job of all.