Environmental Studies  
Course Descriptions

The required courses in the Environmental Studies major are drawn from seven cooperating Oklahoma City University departments: biology, chemistry, economics, history, philosophy, political science, and psychology. Each of the courses is described below. Complete and current information about these courses is published in the Undergraduate Catalog.

BIOL 1003 Science, Technology, and Society: Ecological Sustainability

BIOL 1214 Fundamentals of Biology

BIOL 2214 General Botany

BIOL 2414 General Zoology

BIOL 3314 Principles of Ecology

BIOL 4502 Capstone

BIOL 4481-8 Internship (CH Varies)

CHEM 1104 General Chemistry I

CHEM 1141 General Chemistry I

CHEM 1204 General Chemistry II

CHEM 1241 General Chemistry II

CHEM 2104 Environmental Chemistry

GEOL 2104 Introductory Geology

ECON 2123 Business Statistics


PSYC 2303 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

ECON 2013 Macroeconomics

ECON 2113 Microeconomics

ECON 3613 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

PHIL 2163 Environmental Ethics

POLS 4703 Public Management and Policy Analysis

PSYC 2301 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Laboratory

In addition to the courses listed above, at least three additional 3000- or 4000-level courses selected in consultation with the advisor, from one of the following areas or programs: Biology, Political Science, Modern Language, Chemistry, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Economics, Education, Women’s Studies, History, Ethics, Mathematics