Environmental Studies  
The Course of Study leading to the B.S. Degree in Environmental Studies Degree

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies
Petree College of Arts & Sciences

Administrative Department: Biology

Cooperating Units: Biology, Economics, History, Political Science

Approved by the OCU Board of Trustees October 31, 2007

Required Courses for the Major (Total of 55 CH)

I. Required Prerequisite Science Courses (18 CH)

BIOL 2214 General Botany (pre-requisite BIOL 1214)
BIOL 2414 General Zoology (pre-requisite BIOL 1214)
CHEM 1104 General Chemistry I (with CHEM 1141 Laboratory)
CHEM 1204 General Chemistry II (with CHEM 1241 Laboratory)

II. Required Science Core (12 CH)

BIOL 3314 Principles of Ecology
CHEM 2104 Environmental Chemistry
GEOL 2104 Introductory Geology

III. Required Economics & Geography Core (6 CH)

ECON 2113 Principles of Economics II (Microeconomics)
HIST 2713 Regional Geography

V. Required Math (1 CH)

PSYC 2301 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Laboratory
(Note: Statistics is a required course and is listed below under Required General Education)

VI. Required Advanced Environmental Studies (Minimum 9 CH)

BIOL 4502 Biology Capstone
BIOL 4481-8 Internship
ECON 3613 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
POLS 4703 Public Management and Policy Analysis

VII. Required Area of Concentration (Minimum 9 CH)

At least three 3000-level or higher courses selected in consultation with the advisor, from one of the following areas or programs:

  • Biology
  • Political Science
  • Modern Language
  • Chemistry
  • Philosophy
  • Rhetoric
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Women’s Studies
  • History
  • Ethics
  • Mathematics

VIII. Recommended Course (May be included in Biology Area of Concentration or Minor)

GEOG 4283 Biogeography (Course offered at University of Oklahoma, Norman campus)

General Education Coursework
(*Required for Environmental Studies Majors) 43 CH

I. Required General Education Courses

ENGL 1113 Composition I
*BIOL 1003 Science, Technology, and Society: Ecological Sustainability
HIST 1003 or 1103 United States History
POLS 1003 Governance in America
REL 1003 Introduction to Biblical Literature

II. Courses in Required Areas

ENGL 1213 Composition II
PHRH 1103 Public Speaking
*PSYC 2303 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences or ECON 2123 Business Statistics
*BIOL 1214 Fundamentals of Biology
*ECON 2013 Principles of Economics I (Macroeconomics)
Literature (3 CH course selected from many options)
The Arts (3 CH course selected from many options)
KES 1302 Wellness
KES 1161 or 1261 Activity (selected from many options)
*PHIL 2163 Environmental Ethics (also fulfills Service Learning)

III. General Education Competencies (Varies from 0-12 CH)

Foreign Language
Computer Skills
Cross-Cultural Study
Service Learning (fulfilled by PHIL 2163 Environmental Ethics)
Capstone Course (fulfilled by BIOL 4502 Biology Capstone)

Recommended Minors
We recommend that all Environmental Studies majors complete a minor in an area related to their area of specialization, or in an unrelated area that is complementary to the major or to the student’s professional or personal interests. Minors that are especially appropriate include but are not limited to biology, economics, ethics and political science.

Study Abroad
We recommend that all students majoring in Environmental Studies participate in at least one Study Abroad program. Through the Office of International Education, OCU offers a variety of ways for students to study abroad and receive academic credit, ranging from semester and/or academic year programs (reciprocal exchanges, partnership agreements, affiliated/approved programs) to short-term summer programs and OCU faculty-led class trips. Visit the OIE and review the extensive study abroad resource library to choose a program that’s best for your academic goals or contact their office via email at: oie@okcu.edu

Note on Biology Minor and Area of Concentration
GEOG 4283 Biogeography (Course offered at University of Oklahoma, Norman campus) may be counted towards a Minor in Biology or an Area of Concentration in Biology. The Department of Biology further recommends that the student complete a portion of their coursework during the summer months through the Department of Biology Field Studies program, at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station, or in other similar summer programs.

Special Notes: Additional Coursework Required to Satisfy Pre-Requisites of Pre-Professional Tracks

Environmental Studies majors who plan to apply to medical school should complete CHEM 3103, CHEM 3141, CHEM 3203, CHEM 3241, PHYS 1503, PHYS 1541, PHYS 1603 and PHYS 1641 (Two semesters of organic chemistry and general physics with laboratories). Some medical programs also require one semester of biochemistry and/or calculus.

Students who intend to apply to law schools after graduation should consult an advisor in the Department of Political Science regarding pre-requisite coursework and application procedures.