Exercise & Sport Science
Faculty & Staff
Tom Darling
Assistant Professor; Graduate Program Director

Email: tvdarling@okcu.edu
Office: LO 119B
Phone: (405) 208-5016
Professional Summary
Health Professional with over 15 years of combined experience involving various leadership and team roles in Academics, Research, Public Health, Cardiology, Oncology, Hospital-based Fitness, Physical Rehabilitation, Athletics, Gerontology, and Special Populations. Knowledge, training, and experience in disease prevention, disease control, health promotion, and performance enhancement.

Research Summary
Cancer control researcher investigating the role of exercise for enhancing quality of life among cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Interested in traditional exercise interventions and CAM approaches (e.g. mental imagery, Tai Chi, Qi Gong). Also interested in technological applications, specifically wireless and mobile technology for exercise monitoring and patient feedback.

Selected Publications
Peppone, L.J., Reid, M.E., Moysich, K.B., Morrow, G.R., Jean-Pierre, P., Mohile, S.G., Darling, T.V., & Hyland, A. (2010). The effect of secondhand smoke exposure on the association between active cigarette smoking and colorectal cancer. Cancer Causes and Control, 21 (8), 1247-1255.

Mustian, K.M., Janelsins, M.C., Palesh, O.G., Rosier, R.N., Purnell, J.Q., Darling, T.V., & Morrow, G.R. (2010). The effect of a structured weight-bearing exercise program on bone metabolism among breast cancer survivors: a feasibility trial. Clinical Breast Cancer, 10 (3), 224-229.

Mustian, K.M., Peppone, L.J., Palesh, O.G., Janelsins, M.C., Mohile, S.G., Purnell, J.Q. & Darling, T.V. (2009). Exercise and cancer-related fatigue. U.S. Oncology, 5 (2), 2-6.

Mustian, K.M., Peppone, L.J., Darling, T.V., Palesh, O.G., Heckler, C.E., & Morrow, G.R. (2009). A 4-week home-based aerobic and resistance exercise program during radiation therapy: a pilot randomized clinical trial. Journal of Supportive Oncology, 7 (5), 158-167.

Purnell, J.Q., Mustian, K.M., Jean-Pierre, P., Palesh, O., Peppone, L.J., Mohile, S., Darling, T.V., & Morrow, G.R. (2009). The psychological and functional impact of radiation therapy. In P. Rubin, L.S. Constine, L.B. Marks, & J. Williams (Eds.), ALERT – Adverse late effects of cancer treatment. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

Mustian, K.M., Darling, T.V., Janelsins, M.C., Jean-Pierre, P., Roscoe, J.A., & Morrow, G.R. (2008). Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting. U.S. Oncology, 4, 19-23.

Current Projects
Darling, T.V. & Sha, K. (2013). Wireless monitoring for a cancer exercise program.

Darling, T.V. ,Cataldi, A., & Bagley, E. (2013). Exercise for cancer survivors and caregivers.

Darling. T.V. & Stelzer, J. (2013). Assessment of physical fitness level, physical activity participation, and exercise knowledge: A comparison between United States and Czech Republic exercise physiology students.

Benton, M.J., Schlairet, M.C., Darling, T.V., & Gibson, D.R. (2013). Effect of mastectomy site on arm strength, lean mass, and quality of life among breast cancer survivors.