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Student Financial Services

OCU Teaching Scholars Program

The goal of this program is to serve the Oklahoma City community by preparing excellent teachers for our public schools who have been educated at both Oklahoma City Community College and Oklahoma City University.

Requirements and Opportunities for Teaching Scholars

Students who earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) within the last five years are eligible to be Teaching Scholars at Oklahoma City University (OCU). Teaching Scholars will: 

  • have earned a minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA in their OCCC Associate Degree program.
  • have met the standard admission requirements for transfer students at OCU.
  • declare one of the following Degree/Majors and Certification Areas at OCU:
Degrees and Major(s) Certification Area
B.S. Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education
B.S. Elementary Education Elementary Education
Double Majors:
B.A. Art and P-12 Education P-12 Art Education
B.A. Spanish and P-12 Education P-12 Spanish Education
B.A. English and Secondary Education Secondary English Education
B.S. Mathematics and Secondary Education Secondary Mathematics Education
B.S. Biology or Chemistry and Secondary Education     Secondary Science Education
B.A. History and Secondary Education Secondary Social Studies Education
  • apply formally to the OCU Teacher Education Program the second semester of attendance. 
  • have met both the Petree College and the University General Education requirements with the addition of 3 credit hour Religion course (REL 1003 or REL 2513) if they have not taken an equivalent course. Teaching scholars will meet the Gen. Ed. service-learning requirement via the "Students with Exceptionalities" course.
  • be enrolled full-time at OCU (12-16 credit hours per semester) and follow the program of study of the major/certification area each semester. 
  • need to meet all course requirements of the Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Assessment for the particular certification area major. This includes two courses in a single foreign language and the "4 by 12" requirements for Early Childhood and Elementary Education majors.
  • enroll in 12-16 hours each semester at OCU, major in education, and follow the program of study of the certification area/major each semester. Changing degree plans away from any of the above will result in a loss of the OCU Teaching Scholars Scholarship. An Education Advisor will evaluate plans of study each year. This OCU Teachers Scholarship has a maximum of 5 semesters.
  • be an important part of the OCU's state and nationally accredited Teacher Education Program.
Fall 2016-Spring 2017 Academic Year Tuition and Fees*
3.0-3.29 GPA 3.3-3.59 GPA 3.6-4.0 GPA
Tuition (12-16 hour block price)* $27,276 $27,276 $27,276
Fees (15 hours fall/spring)** $3,450 $3,450 $3,450
Comprehensive Records - One time $360 $360 $360
New Student Orientation $300 $300 $300
Health Insurance*** $1,560 $1,560 $1,560
OCU Academic Transfer Scholarship $ - (4,000)
$ - (5,500) $ - (7,000)
OCU Departmental Transfer Scholarship $ - (2,500) $ - (3,500) $ - (4,500)
OCU Teaching Scholars Scholarship $ - (9,000) $ - (9,000) $ - (9,000)
Estimated Total  $17,446 $14,946 $12,446

* Enrollment in excess of the 12-16 hour block will incur a per hour tuition charge
** University fees are $115 a credit hour; the total amount is based on your final enrollment
** Class specific fees are NOT included in the estimate above
** Parking permits can be purchased and added to your student cost; annual cost is $150
*** If you already have health insurance (based on 16-17 rate and is subject to change) you may "opt out" and the charge will be removed

• The amounts listed above do not include additional state and federal financial aid. Completing the FAFSA is recommended.
• Based on cumulative college GPA, renewable for a maximum of five consecutive semesters, and full-time enrollment of 12 or more hours per semester is required.