Financial Aid  
2015-2016 Graduate Tuition: Religious Education
Master of Religious Education, per credit hour $936
General University Fee, per credit hour $115
General University Fee - This is paid by all students at Oklahoma City University and provides general budget funding for a variety of services, including campus technology, academic enrichment and assessment, athletics and facilities, safety and crisis preparedness, career services, health services, personal counseling, intramurals, student government association, student traditions, religious life, and student publications.
Parking and Security Fee, per year $150
Parking Fee - This fee is charged to students, faculty, and staff who wish to park their motor vehicles on campus. All students, faculty, and staff who have motor vehicles and park them on campus must pay the parking fee and obtain the university parking permit and display it on their vehicle at all times.
Installment Plan Fee, per semester $50
Installment Plan Fee - Charge assessed for the payment plan that allows students to make four interest-free payments during the course of the semester.
Installment Finance Fee, per semester $100
Installment Finance Fee - All charges on the student's account will be due and payable on the first day of class according to the academic calendar. This fee is a one-time charge per semester on the remaining balance after the first day of class, less any anticipated financial aid on the account. Work-study will not be considered payment until it is actually worked and applied to the student account. This fee will be waived if payment is received by the first payment due date. Any account with an unpaid balance will be subject to a finance fee at the end of the semester. (See Finance Fee)
Finance Fee, per semester 2.67%
Finance Fee - This fee is assessed at the rate of 2.67% for any remaining balance at the end of the semester.
Late Registration Fee $50
Late Registration Fee - Charge assessed to anyone who adds enrollment after the drop/add date.
Health Insurance, per Fall/Spring semester $861
Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester, Oklahoma City University requires all students to have health insurance. This requirement may be satisfied either by purchasing the OCU Student Health Insurance Plan or by providing proof of a family/individual plan that provides adequate health insurance, comparable to the OCU Student Health Insurance Plan and that will remain in effect throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.
One-time Fees
Application Fees:
     Graduate $50
     International – paper application $70
     International – online application $50
Application Fee - This fee accompanies a student’s application for admission to Oklahoma City University.
Comprehensive Records Fee, one per degree:
     Graduate and Doctoral $250
Comprehensive Records Fee - A fee charged one time per degree earned at Oklahoma City University. This fee covers a wide range of individual costs, including add/drop of classes, transcripts, and the provision of online student payment systems and statements.
Diploma Reorder Fee $45

 (A budget of $50 per credit hour for books and $1,700 for travel allowance will be 
included as a line item in each student's cost of attendance.)


Course/Program Fees
Lab and Class fees, vary per specific classes Various
Lab and Class Fee - Each school or department determines the class fees based on their needs for lab supplies, consumable items used by students, etc. The fees are retained by the department to provide adequate supplies for those classes.
Online Course fee, per credit hour $25
Online Technology Fee - A fee charged per online credit hour to any Oklahoma City University Student taking an online course. This fee covers technology updates, improvements, and general upkeep.


International Student Fees
International Services Fee, per semester $175
International Fee - International students will be assessed a fee to cover the special costs of providing personnel and facilities for immigration information and/or processing and/or documentation.
Health Insurance, split between Fall/Spring semester $1,123
Important Phone Numbers
Important Phone Numbers
Student Financial Services  
     Financial Aid 405-208-5211
     Student Accounts 405-208-5146
Registrar 405-208-5298
OCU Police 405-208-5001