ICC By the Numbers

Due to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, the Intergenerational Computer Center (ICC) has made a significant difference in the lives of area residents. The numbers tell a remakable story:

  • Over 7,800 walk-in users have used our free Internet and computer resources for a total of over 12,800 hours!
  • Our free classes have been attended by over 12,000 guests for at total of 25,200,000 student hours!
  • Over 1,800 free classess conducted at the ICC
  • Over 2,900 volunteer hours have been served at the ICC!
  • More than 50 community partners

As word has gotten out about the ICC, the number of guest visits has increased dramatically. In 2013, the ICC served:

  • Over 8,000 community members participanted in the ICC's free classes
  • The ICC has devoted over 1,900 teaching hours to these classes
  • Total number of student hours at the ICC this year alone: 14,595,000!
  • Over 1,150 voluteer hours have been served at the ICC in 2013!