Modern Languages  
The Modern Language Department offers Majors and minors in:
  • FRENCH (major and minor)
  • SPANISH (major and minor)
  • CHINESE (minor only)
  • Foreign Language Education Certification

    A major in French, German, or Spanish consists of 34 hours. A student can receive credit with AP, IB or CLEP scores. See department chair for details. All majors take Senior Seminar (a 1-hour Capstone requirement). The course is open to minors as well.

    The minor requires 18 hours in the same language, including the elementary courses. The last 6 hours must be completed in residence.

    Recommended electives are 6 hours of another foreign language and Critical Reading and Writing, taught by the English Department. Other suggested electives are courses in English and Continental Literature, History of Philosophy, and History or Political Science courses related to the countries where the foreign languages are spoken. A degree in International Business requires a minor and an Internship. Minors are available in German, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

    For those seeking a teaching certificate, the requirement is 40 hours in French, German, or Spanish. This may include 6 hours in a second foreign language. A second teaching field (now called an endorsement) in another foreign language requires an additional 24 hours. Teacher candidates also take Foreign Language Methods for Elementary and Secondary schools, taught by the Modern Language Department.

    Students may enroll for Honors credit in language classes and may qualify for membership in the National Collegiate Honor Society, Alpha Mu Gamma. Foreign study scholarships for Alpha Mu Gamma members may be available.