Bass School of Music  

Vocal Auditions

All vocal music must be performed from memory.

Vocal applicants may be asked to sing all or part of their prepared repertoire. Applicants must prepare entire pieces (not 16 bars or a "cut").  

An accompanist will be provided free of charge at the on-campus national audition dates. In addition to the original music, one copy of the music must be supplied for the accompanist, hole punched and in a three ring binder. You will meet with the accompanist briefly prior to your scheduled audition time. Music that has been transposed must be readable. If you are transposing music, please contact us to discuss the appropriate format for transposed music.

Taped accompaniments, A Cappella performances, staging, props, and dance are not allowed during the vocal audition, whether live or recorded.  

Vocal Performance and Music Theatre applicants are required to provide a headshot and resume at the audition.

Vocal Music Education Auditions

Vocal Music Education, Music Business-Voice Emphasis, Composition-Voice Emphasis, Church Music-Voice Emphasis, and Bachelor of Arts-Voice Emphasis

Applicants are required to sing two contrasting classical or art songs. 
One selection must be in English.

*Applicants for the Choral Music Education program are required to bring a one page resume, which lists the applicant’s age appropriate activities in music teaching such as: school section leader, choral instructor in religious communities, summer teaching activities in camp or other youth programs, volunteer activities, or any other sustained activity that demonstrates an age appropriate interest in teaching or nurturing others. The applicant is also encouraged to list any special recognition or awards that have been received for their musical and/or academic achievements.

Composition Auditions

Composition auditions require the submission of a portfolio of original compositions and recordings, if available. Students will interview, by appointment, with the Composition faculty. In addition, composition applicants must also audition on voice, according to the guidelines above.

Vocal Performance

Applicants must be prepared to sing three classical or art songs:

  • One piece must be in English
  • One piece must be an early Italian piece (e.g., a selection from 24 Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th Centuries)
  • One piece of the applicant’s choice
Music Theater Auditions

Applicants must be prepared to sing three songs, perform two monologues, and participate in a short dance evaluation:

  • One classical or art song in any language
  • One classic Music Theater piece written prior to 1970
  • One contrasting Music Theater piece of the applicant’s choice
  • Two contrasting monologues*

*The two monologue selections together should not exceed three minutes in total time. The monologues are to come from published plays.  Monologues from musicals, television, or other mediums are not allowed. 

Dance Evaluation

All students auditioning for Music Theater must also participate in a dance evaluation. This evaluation will be used to assess your ability to move and potential for continued improvement.  

Applicants will fulfill their OCU dance evaluation by performing the musical theater combo taught at the audition.  Students will be given a warm up and ample time to learn the combination, with options to increase the difficulty as needed.  The audition combination will be performed in small groups.

Recorded audition applications will need to learn our combination as provided online.  The link will be sent to students with their audition confirmation.   

*Please note that previous dance experience is not required for acceptance into the MT tract. Students with previous dance experience will be given the opportunity to make the provided combination more difficult.

Suitable dress for women includes jazz pants, tights, a leotard, dance skirts, or other form fitting clothing. Men may wear tights, jazz pants, shorts, t-shirts, or form fitting sweatpants.  All students should bring jazz shoes and/or character shoes.

Music Theater and Vocal Performance Combined Audition Requirements

Applicants interested in both Music Theater and Vocal Performance must be prepared to sing five songs:

  • One classical or art song in English
  • One classical or art song in early Italian (e.g., a selection from 24 Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th Centuries)
  • One classical or art song of the applicant’s choice
  • One Music Theater piece written prior to 1970
  • One contrasting Music Theater piece of the applicant’s choice

Applicants participating in the combined audition must also prepare two contrasting monologues and participate in the dance evaluation.  Please see the above Music Theater audition requirements for more information.