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OCU Dance Seniors Showcase Choreography Skills with Annual Show
OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City University dance performance senior Kim Faure has danced in more than half a dozen shows since coming to study at OCU’s Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management, but she’s been planning material for three years for the first show she gets to choreograph. Seventeen dance performance seniors will make their choreography debuts Oct. 16 at OCU’s annual Student Choreography Show. Shows will begin at 7 and 8:45 p.m. in OCU’s Kirkpatrick Fine Arts Center at N.W. 25th Street and Blackwelder Avenue. Faure said she wanted to create a large, high-energy number for the show. “I figured this might be the only time I get to choreograph a show, so I wanted to do something really big with gold, glitzy, lights and fun,” she said. Faure’s dance, “Show People,” is a musical theater number designed to encompass her passion for dance. “I wanted to communicate our love for what we are doing,” she said. Faure said trying out choreography has taught her new technical skills about costuming and lighting, as well as broader life lessons about asking for help. “As choreographers, we are responsible for whether our dancers have a good experience or a bad one. That has made me work much harder because I want to make sure the experience is positive,” she said. Senior Tracy Halso said the process has made her a better dancer. “It’s helped bring all of us together and have more respect for each other,” she said. “This has made me more well rounded. Being in the choreographer’s position, you can see what you look like and how the attitude you bring with you is so evident and so important.” Halso’s dance, “The Stranger” is a ballet, and she said the most important factor for her planning has been her willingness to adapt. “Being in charge of everything means you have to make adjustments and be willing to adapt,” she explained. “Still, a lot of my dance is exactly what I envisioned because the dancers here are very talented.” Senior Chaz Wolcott said his first show night spent off the stage will be particularly rewarding. “This is a show and tell of everything we’ve learned at OCU,” he said. “To me, it is a big project from our class and a proud representation of our hard work over the last four years.” Wolcott’s dance, “Courtin’ Time,” is a jazz, swing and musical theater number. “It’s been a very good learning experience to create the whole package and think about how everything from lights to costumes will impact the dance,” Wolcott said. Senior Ashley Durst choreographed a jazz and ballet dance titled “Fate.” She said the project has helped her find a new passion. “I’ve realized how much I really like to choreograph,” she said. “It has been fun to come up with something a little different. I wanted something that would stick in the audience’s mind.” Durst said she has worked on the project night and day. “The dance is always going through your head,” she said. Student choreographers submitted dance proposals last spring. They held casting the first week of school and have been rehearsing at least four hours a week for the past month. Students named this year’s show “Perfect 10” to represent the Class of 2010. “We’re giving ourselves a perfect 10 for all the hard work and effort we have put in,” Wolcott said. The show is directed by OCU Dance Instructor Kari Shaw. Tickets are $12 each. To purchase tickets, call (405) 208-5227.