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Oklahoma City University Introduces New Mascot After Homecoming Game
Oklahoma City University unveiled its new mascot after the Stars men’s basketball game Saturday as part of Homecoming festivities. The mascot was held secret from those not involved in creating it, but student and mascot committee member Eli Coronis released some details to generate interest. He said that while he would divulge the details off campus the day before the revealing program, he intended to keep them hidden from as much of the OCU community as possible. “We have a big program scripted to make this a memorable experience for everyone,” Coronis said. A large-screen slideshow projection immediately after the game showed historic photos of OCU from its roots as a single building in the early 1900s to modern times. A “live” video followed showing a comet flying along the downtown Oklahoma City skyline and landing in the Quad Lawn in the middle of campus. Actors dressed in HAZMAT coveralls and OCU police officers carried the comet to the center of the Henry J. Freede Wellness and Activity Center, the site of the Homecoming games. Pyrotechnics lighted up the arena before the comet split open and Starsky the ram emerged. “We thought long and hard about what we wanted the mascot to be and came up with many reasons to make it a ram,” Coronis said. The first reason is the date imprinted on the cornerstone of Epworth University, the precursor to Oklahoma City University. The cornerstone was set in April 1, 1903. “The astrological sign for that date is Aries the ram. It’s also a symbol of leadership, strength and competition. There aren’t many schools in our area that use the ram as their mascot, so we thought it would be the perfect choice for OCU,” Coronis said. A legend of the ram was drafted to tell the story of how Starsky came to be the university’s newest mascot. The legend begins with city leaders Anton Classen and C.B. Ames envisioning a college campus in town and dedicating the cornerstone.